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Keep all of your stakeholders in the loop with CC and BCC on direct 1:1 emails.

One-to-one emails let sales reps engage sooner with qualified prospects, know the right time to reach out to existing customers for personal conversations, and follow-up with the personal touch at scale when it will be the most effective.

The latest enhancement to one-to-one emails lets you CC or BCC any deal contacts or appropriate team members on your direct email communications. This added layer of visibility helps to ensure that all relevant audiences are copied into important one-to-one emails without creating extra work for your sales reps.  

What else can you do with direct 1:1 emails? You can: 

  • Use an automation block action to easily send a personal email through a connected personal account, like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and more.
  • Create automations with a one-to-one email using a Deal trigger, like Enters a pipeline, Deal stage changes, Deal status changes, or Deal field changes.
  • Include personalization tags and hyperlinks in your automated one-to-one emails to nurture stronger relationships.

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