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Customer Love Enhancements — Week of April 25th

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This week’s top customer requests, UI updates, navigation enhancements, and performance improvements: Automations, App Studio, and CRM. 

Look for the following update to Automations:

Enhancement to the Wait Until Date/Time automation action that improves processing performance and timeliness.

Look for the following update to App Studio:

New App Studio logs for workflow setup steps including configuration updates and failures. 

Look for the following updates to the CRM:

  •  An update to the Manage Data page that lets you change the display order of custom object fields .
  • An update to ensure all contacts are able to unsubscribe from communications.
  • Improved ability to make changes to contact record fields within an account. 
  • A minor bug fix that was displaying secure fields to all platform users regardless of user settings. 
  • An update to 1:1 automation emails that ensures custom contact fields display accurately.

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