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Customer Love Enhancements — Week of January 10

customer love email

This week’s top customer requests, UI updates, navigation enhancements, and performance improvements include:  Automation builder, WooCommerce integration, and Conversations.

Look for the following updates for the automation builder:

  • The History UI has been updated to better show exactly how your automations have processed
  • Email Open Reports show more a more accurate Open count/percentage
  • Builder UI is now more clear when showing the relevant link when viewing a Link Clicked trigger
  • A bug has been corrected that would make some automation blocks disappear from the automation builder when copying If/Else blocks
  • Field Changes start triggers have been improved to show within search segments.

Look for the following updates to the Conversations chatbot:

  • You can now to send an URL that includes % symbol within conversations
  • A bug fix to better assign Conversations (and keep them from reverting back to Unassigned)
  • A bug fix that will properly save fields when creating a new custom contact field through the chatbot automation

Also look for additional Customer love enhancements like:

  • WooCommerce bulk sync has been improved for non-standard order statuses, for better abandoned cart syncs
  • An update to indicate “Ready to send” on SMS Manager page only once an account’s 10DLC registration has been approved
  • Edit an automations modal after you have cloned it