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Customer Love Enhancements — Week of June 1

This week’s top customer requests, UI upgrades, navigation enhancements, and performance improvements include updates to: Automations, Web Personalization, and the Zapier integration.

A more consistent experience using automation blocks
Rare instances where Update Contact, Deal or Account field actions were not saving properly in the Automations Builder have been corrected, ensuring that blocks being added or updated are properly saved.

Better query results when using Account field data in Zapier
When looking to use Account field data in a Zap, you will experience better filtering based on the Account query parameters you’ve set.

Design enhancements to Web Personalization for a more user-friendly design
Several new design upgrades have been made to enhance your Web Personalization experience, including updates to:

  • Experiences and event date popover styles
  • Web Personalization reports
  • Web Personalization visual editor
  • ‘Create an Experience” modal
  • Tooltip indicator to tables with only one experience
  • Notifications on the ‘Overview’ page
  • Added Popover border on ‘Overview’ page