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Customer Love Enhancements — Week of May 17th

Celebrating your vision by bringing you top customer requests, UI updates, navigation enhancements, and performance improvements of your most-loved tools. This week’s Customer Love updates include:

A consistent experience when using link tracking in your email campaigns
We’ve corrected an issue where some users were seeing certain links in their emails redirect to blank or errored pages instead of resolving to the correct URL. If you use link tracking, your links will now always work as expected.

Woocommerce updates for faster data syncs and fewer checkout errors
We’ve made updates to correct checkout errors that were occurring on some customer instances, and have improved our data sync experience to be faster.

Accurately measure deals in Custom Reports with the accurate currency
The measure “Total Value Won” has been fixed to display the correct currency. In other words, deal values that are tracked in €Euros will properly display €Euros instead of $USD, for example.

Conversations chatbot design has been updated for better usability and efficiency
Conversations has a facelift! Look for:

  • Toggle designs have been updated for a consistent user experience
  • Container widths have been updated within our Settings / Conversations / Channels page, to improve usability and legibility for larger displays
  • The accordion functionality has been replaced with a single, always displayed view to improve efficiency for Welcome Message and Facebook Messenger
  • Better pop-up readability for accounts with a high volume of Saved Responses
    • Design updates for new customers that enhance platform performance
      The “Getting Started” progress bar in the navigation has been removed for better platform speed and performance.