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Customer Love Enhancements — Week of May 2nd

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This week’s top customer requests, UI updates, navigation enhancements, and performance improvements: Automations, App Studio, Zapier connection, Salesforce integration and Microsoft Dynamics integration. 

Look for the following update to Automations:

Enhancement to the Wait For automation action that improves processing performance by 10X.

Look for the following update to App Studio:

New App Studio logs for inbound and outbound processing to help developers better troubleshoot errors while building an app integration. 

Look for the following updates to the Zapier connection:

  • An enhancement to the Tag Added or Removed trigger that populates live sample data so that you can ensure the trigger is set up correctly. 
  • Improvement to ensure you only receive a confirmation message when a zap action is successfully completed without any errors or failures. 
  • Enhanced contact search actions that include details like ID and name.

Look for the following update to the Salesforce integration:

Enhancements to the Sync Health Dashboard that helps you identify and troubleshoot sync errors more quickly.

Look for the following update to the Microsoft Dynamics integration:

Improved visibility of  which fields will be automatically mapped into ActiveCampaign so that you can make informed decisions about any custom mapping.  

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