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Customer Love Enhancements — Week of Sept. 19th

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This week’s top customer requests, UI updates, navigation enhancements, and performance improvements include: New Email Designer, Postmark, and App Studio .

Look for the following updates:

New Email Designer

Ensure campaigns are saved before navigating away from the new email designer: Updated to display a warning when a user attempts to close, reload, or navigate away from the new email designer before autosave kicks in. 


Quick access to ActiveCampaign Postmark to deliver transactional messages: Access and discover automation recipes to unlock use-cases and get started to deliver transactional messages. 

App Studio

A more consistent front end experience: Updated config template with new action naming format for all CX App actions, so developers can reference and implement the new format as they are building out their integration

Notification for empty state: A quick message will appear and notify developers when there are no logs present in their config file. 

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