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Do more with your Calendly data — trigger automations off of scheduled, changed and canceled meetings

Calendly Custom objects Option 2 1

Users are being migrated to the new version of Calendly!

The newest version of Calendly integration supports custom objects, so you now have access to a Calendly Event object which will store all event details from Calendly as meetings are scheduled, changed and canceled. Customers will now be able to trigger an automation multiple times for every event received and filter on the incoming event data.

Contacts CustomObjects 2

Within the contact record profile, users will now see a Calendly tab added to their Custom objects table. There you will see information regarding:

  • Event Type
  • Event Date & Time
  • Event Location (which can be things like a virtual meeting link, a phone number, a physical address)
  • Event Details (link to Calendly Meeting)
  • Status (Scheduled, Canceled, Rescheduled)

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