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Ecom manual & historical sync progress bar

We’ve improved historical syncing for Shopify, now offering a more accurate process overview, progress tracking, and giving the customer  the ability to retroactively update data since the beginning of their store’s history. 

Manual Sync- Formerly known as historical sync, is now called the Manual Sync. When you run a manual sync, it now captures missed or updated data since the last sync date that’s displayed on the integration settings page. (Ex: If you last synced data on 11/07/23 and you run a manual sync on 12/20/23, you would only sync data that was missed or has changed since 11/07/23.

Historical Sync– Syncs the data since the beginning of the store’s history. (Ex: If you run a historical sync on 12/20/23, instead of syncing missed or updated data since 11/07/23, it will sync all missed or updated data since the store was opened (let’s just say 05/09/12))

Lastly, we’ve added progress bars for both manual and historical sync, enhancing visibility and troubleshooting.

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