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Order status automation for ecommerce

Users can now trigger an automation when the status of an order changes. This feature allows users to drive completion of orders that are hanging in pending status, thank shoppers who complete their orders, and see what went wrong when orders fail, returned, cancelled, or refunded. 

This is accomplished by setting up an automation with a trigger of ‘Order is updated” with segmentation on the status. 

Users will now see all of the standardized supported order statuses synced into AC and reflected on the ecom widget and the order CO widget (new) on the contact page. 

Supported order statuses are:

  • Pending
  • Completed 
  • Abandoned
  • Recovered
  • Waiting
  • Canceled**
  • Refunded**
  • Failed**
  • Returned**
    • **new statuses

All of these new order data fields are available as personalization tags in the email designer for automations using the Order is Created or Order is Updated triggers.

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