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Enhanced product category pull and design flexibility with product block in the new email designer

Create campaigns that can drive revenue growth and improve customer engagement with product blocks in the new email designer. Personalize product listings to send customers based on past purchases or interactions with your business. Use product block in ad hoc email campaigns or in email campaign actions within an automation for any cross-sell or upsell opportunities.*

Enhancements to product blocks in the new email designer: 

  • Increase in number of categories that can being pulled into the product block
  • Ability search for specific product categories
  • Refresh capability to quickly update any changes in product listings from store
  • Flexibility to change layout of products within a product block (choose between a vertical and horizontal layout)
  • Quick modification of image size 
  • Advanced design capabilities to update text, font, button size and shapes, background colors, and custom margin and spacing.
Product Layout

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*Product block in the new email designer is available for Shopify and WooCommerce users.