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Expanded user management capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365

With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration you can ensure sales and marketing have the same understanding of your customers and prospects. Easily send contacts and leads between the two systems and give sales and marketing the full context of who your contacts are.

Having this understanding will help you build better relationships, deliver amazing customer experiences, and fuel business growth from both prospects and existing customers.

New enhancements mean you can spend less time setting up your Microsoft Dynamics integration and more time using it. If you have several users you want to give permissions to use our Sales Actions, you now have a quicker and easier way to do so. We’ve expanded our user management capabilities to include searching on/adding users by:

  • Security Role
  • Manager
  • And/or Team

You also have additional improved functionality like:

    • A new Supported Field Type; Lookup for Lead Owner and Team
    • A refresh button for custom field mapping so your field data in ActiveCampaign is the most current
    • Enhanced logging for improved visibility into sync metrics and error messages
    • Unsubscribe enhancements for more visibility on ActiveCampaign Details tab (see below)