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New EU data center available to new trials and customers in Spain

At ActiveCampaign, we’re committed to providing you with solutions that meet the diverse needs of your customers on a global scale. 

On February 19th, we’re introducing our first regional data center in the European Union. The rollout for the European data center will occur in multiple phases, beginning with new trials and direct customers in Spain. Beginning February 19th, new trials and customers located in Spain will be automatically routed to the new data center when signing up for an ActiveCampaign trial or membership. 

We’ll keep you updated as additional countries gain access to the EU data center. Please note that we’re not migrating existing customers at this time. Rest assured, we’ll provide detailed information when it’s time to initiate migrations.

This development marks a significant enhancement in the way you deliver ActiveCampaign to your customers. Here’s what this advancement means for your clients:

  • Simplified Data Flows: Our regional data centers grant customers the invaluable advantage of data storage in a location strategically aligned with their operational needs. Please check our forthcoming Multi-Regional Data Hosting Policy (to be made available here on February 19th) to learn more about how ActiveCampaign is supporting your customers.  Please note that ActiveCampaign’s EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework certification will continue to apply to ensure safe data transfers to the U.S.. In addition, if you have entered into a DPA with ActiveCampaign, this will continue to govern.
  • Enhanced Stability and Control: With regional data storage, your customers gain greater stability and control over their contact data. This means a smoother and more reliable experience with the platform.