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Postmark CX App: Enhanced account connection, visibility into account status, and Postmark tags

Connect your Postmark account to ActiveCampaign to send transactional emails.

Enhanced customer experience to connect your Postmark account
The Postmark CX App integration is now using Postmark OAuth* for an enhanced experience for account connection. This enhancement improves the customer experience to easily provide authorization without the need to share private data or dig through developer documentation to connect accounts. 

Visibility into your Postmark account’s approval status

The Postmark OAuth flow now provides customers visibility into their Postmark account’s approval status.  This will  better set the expectation with users that their account needs to be approved in order to lift certain sending limits for their CX App connection.

Add a descriptive Postmark tag to categorize your emails 

Customers can use descriptive tags (like “payment-reminder” or “booking-confirmation”) to better categorize their emails and get detailed statistics with Postmark Tags added as a required field within the CX App ‘message settings’

Better categorize your transactional emails with Postmark tags.

Ready to get started?

Connect to Postmark here or learn more about transactional email.

*Please note that the transition from API Token to OAuth introduced a breaking change for existing connections.  Direct communication was sent to customers with connections in order to alert them of this app update.