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Pull products from your WooCommerce store into new or existing email campaigns with just a few clicks

You can now add products from your WooCommerce store directly into your email campaigns with the new Product Block, found in our email designer. You can select a category to add products from and customize what products are shown, including how many products and how they are sorted. You can even customize the display of the product information in your emails, including the text styles, what the buttons say, and which elements are visible.

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How did ActiveCampaign users like you inspire this product?

  • "I would like to suggest adding the product content block for WooCommerce. It would make my workflow of creating and sending campaigns much more seamless."
  • "Shopify has product blocks, which you can simply drag into your email and select products to display. It'd be useful if this was also implemented with other ecommerce stores like WooCommerce."
  • "Once you integrate WooCommerce or any of your other Deep Integrations, it would be helpful if one could add a product content block. Basically you could pull in data from your ecommerce store such as product name, image, price and description."