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Set up tags for more effective statistics in your Postmark message stream and new ActiveCampaign link to switch between platforms

With the Postmark CX App integration in ActiveCampaign, you can easily use ActiveCampaign’s automations to trigger transactional emails to be sent through your Postmark account. 

To categorize and view your messages within the Statistics and Activity tabs in your Postmark Message Stream. You can categorize outgoing email using tags, this will allow better sorting and faster searching. Tags also allows you to segment campaign statistics. 

For example, you can add a tag “welcome” to all welcome emails to your customers. You will be able to filter activity by this specific tag, get daily or weekly sent totals and open tracking stats on this tag.

ActiveCampaigns' Postmark CX app integration allows users to tag their transactional emails for better sort and search capability.

Swiftly switch between ActiveCampaign and Postmark 

Quickly create transactional emails in Postmark then set up triggers within ActiveCampaign in a seamless experience. Our team made a new enhancement for you to quickly switch between ActiveCampaign and Postmark on the navigation bar. 

Postmark ActiveCampaign Navigation

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