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Stay compliant when sending SMS messages by registering for A2P 10DLC

We are introducing an A2P 10DLC registration process for customers that use our native SMS offering to send messages to recipients in the United States.

A2P 10DLC refers to a system in the United States that allows businesses to send Application-to-Person (A2P) type messaging via local 10-digit long code (10DLC) phone numbers. A2P 10DLC offers businesses the opportunity to engage with their customers using a verified local identity. In order to protect consumers and create a trusted ecosystem with high customer engagement, US carriers are requiring businesses to register who they are and what they are sending via SMS.

Registering your brand and campaign use-cases will help ensure continued SMS deliverability in the United States.

We’re making this process easier through:

In platform notifications and documentation. An alert will display within the native SMS modal and the Automations canvas view for existing SMS blocks until you’ve submitted registration for compliant sending. In-platform updates to provide additional context about the registration process as well as help documentation will be added as well.

In platform notifications and documentation Registered campaign use-cases. To provide visibility into what type of campaign use-case is associated with an SMS block, a new field within the SMS modal will display the campaign use-case that has been registered for during the A2P 10dlc registration process. Initially, one campaign use-case will be allowed per customer; over time you will have the ability to register multiple campaign use-case types for your business. a85b0b92 a3da 4157 8dea a283d452f254 Learn more about SMS marketing