Celebrating your vision by bringing you top customer requests, UI updates, navigation enhancements, and performance improvements of your most-loved tools. This week’s Customer Love updates include:

Design and UX enhancements

  • An improved user experience in the CRM. Experience UX improvements when managing exclusions and viewing the Contact Activity Stream.
  • A more consistent experience using the Apps tab. Design fixes and improvements on the All Apps and Apps sub pages have been made for a more consistent experience.
  • A cleaner interface on the Overview tab. Design updates to the widgets on the Overview page for a more consistent experience throughout the entire platform.
  • Design enhancements that make it a snap to create email campaigns. New design updates across your email campaign experience enhance the Update Campaigns Toolbar, Campaigns Table, and Update Sending Types functions.
    • Performance improvements

      Faster automations that react immediately as you build them
      When you change a Goal block setting from “Wait Until conditions are met” to “Continue anyway” contacts automatically begin to process through the block and on to the next step in the automation.

      Use integration data to seamlessly create and update your tags
      Your tags will be more consistent when bringing in data from third-party apps — even when you have special characters in the forms, landing pages, or meetings that you’re using.