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WooCommerce integration updates for better abandoned cart experiences

Ensure your WooCommerce customers don’t leave their carts behind. The WooCommerce integration now lets you save and trigger Abandoned Cart events for pre-registered users that do not add their email address during checkout, addressing a common “Abandoned Cart from existing customer” use case.


Act in the moment with WooCommerce data that’s always up-to-date. ActiveCampaign now saves metadata so you always know exactly when your WooCommerce customer data was last synced with ActiveCampaign, so it’s easy to react to your customer’s needs in the moment.


Up-to-date WooCommerce shopping carts mean your emails stay relevant. The Woocommerce integration has been enhanced to ensure that order data is immediately updated if a customer makes changes to a cart that they’ve left behind, so abandoned cart automations always show the correct items.