Nurture stronger relationships with 
one-to-one email automation

ActiveCampaign’s automation-first approach to sales engagement grows touchpoints into relationships and leads into customers. Add one-to-one emails to automated outbound sales sequences to personalize experiences and increase efficiency.

one to one email automation in ActiveCampaign

Strengthen your pipeline with one-to-one emails

Use automated one-to-one emails as part of your outbound strategy to ensure every insight is aligned for a stronger pipeline—saving you time so you can focus on the warmest deals most likely to close. ActiveCampaign helps you create personalized one-to-one experiences that stand out, no matter if you're prospecting for new business or nurturing existing customers.

Fuel your pipeline more efficiently

Easily incorporate prospecting into your multichannel strategy and stand out with more personalized sales experiences.

Stay aligned across every touchpoint

Keep marketing and sales aligned with messaging that seamlessly spans the lifecycle, and reach more customers at the right time.

Capture more of the right leads

Give sales reps more of the right data to identify the most qualified leads and confidently take action—and make every conversation count.

Accelerate productivity across sales and marketing touchpoints

How do ActiveCampaign one-to-one emails work to grow your business?

What does a one-to-one email automation look like in action? Let’s take a look at just a few ways a sales rep can use the 1:1 email block as part of their sales process to nurture better outcomes.

Gives sales teams more context into marketing

When marketing messages and one-to-one sales emails are aligned, sales teams get the information they need to automate better experiences across the entire pipeline—and close more deals, faster.

In Action

Nurture upsell opportunities by triggering a personal and relevant follow-up from a sales rep after a contact receives marketing communications.
example of an automated one to one email
example of activecampaign one on one email automation setup

Easily track engagement to know where to put 
your resources

Stop wasting time and money on longshots and focus resources on prospects that have engaged with your outreach. Automatically take the next best steps with every email open, click, or reply to a one-to-one email.

In Action

Use engagement tracking on your sales sequences to update a tag or deal score, move the deal to the next stage, and assign a task to the deal owner to follow up.

Integrate your favorite tools to create sales experiences that convert

Seamlessly manage every touchpoint of your customer’s journey with 870+ powerful integrations and use every interaction over time to personalize communications and trigger automated experiences that deepen relationships.

In Action

When a meeting is scheduled through Calendly, ActiveCampaign collects that event data so sales reps have more of the right data needed to turn a lead into a customer.
example of activecampaign automation one to one email and email in google inbox

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