Sales engagement automation improves every customer experience

It’s impossible to deliver a truly connected customer experience when marketing and sales are disconnected. Know exactly the right time to connect personal sales messaging to broader marketing strategies. Automate the personal touch at scale to boost results across all areas of your business to drive more growth.
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The best of account-based marketing and sales engagement, unified

Current sales engagement solutions have gaps that keep both sales and marketing in the dark. Sales reps aren’t aware of nurture campaigns while marketing doesn’t have visibility into 1:1 sales conversations—leading to fragmented customer experiences. Sales engagement automation centers customers for a unified engagement strategy.

Stay aligned for better results

Make marketing and sales more efficient with personal and integrated multichannel campaigns that seamlessly span the customer lifecycle.

Optimize 1:1 communication

Incorporate two-way email conversations into your multichannel strategy; give sales teams the right data to make every conversation count.

Capture more of the right leads

Know your most qualified leads and confidently take action faster. Boost close rates with data from emails, SMS texts, your website, and more.

Accelerate sales and marketing productivity

Grow your business with sales engagement automation

An automation-first approach to sales engagement

Sales engagement automation uses rich customer data from every sales and marketing touchpoint to know the right time and channel to automate unique and timely messages, and when providing the human touch will be most effective to close sales.
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Personal 1:1 email outreach that connects with leads at the
perfect moment

Customers want a consistent experience—no matter who they are talking to or where. Send one-to-one emails from a sales representative’s personal inbox as part of multichannel marketing automations or sales sequences. Connect the dots across marketing and sales touchpoints, and then track engagement and automate the perfect follow-up.

Integrated engagement that puts your customers’ needs first

Businesses who rely on meetings or events to build relationships need to be able to track a contact’s entire history, not just the most recent touchpoint. Our powerful integrations with tools like Calendly use every interaction over time to seamlessly personalize communications and trigger automated experiences that deepen relationships.
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Increase team productivity with 1:1 communications at scale

Use automation recipes and machine learning to easily set up efficient communications without sacrificing personal sales relationships. Focus time instead on the most qualified leads and the highest-value customer conversations.

What can you do with sales engagement automation?

Sales engagement automation makes the best of account-based marketing and sales engagement solutions accessible to companies of all sizes. Automated better personal experiences across your entire pipeline to close more deals, faster.

One-to-one email

Automate richer experiences that scale. Seamlessly combine marketing messages with personal sales follow-up to always give customers a personal touch.

Complete customer view

Always communicate the right message. Unify data from every touchpoint in the apps you use the most, for automation that intelligently reacts to a complete view of every customer.

Lead scoring

Deliver dynamic messages that understand where customers are in their buyer's journey, and alert sales when their leads are ready to engage—and convert.

Pipeline automation

Automate your pipeline with unique experiences that move deals through stages more quickly. Stay on top of every task, shorten your sales cycle, and close more deals.

Win probability

See how likely you are to close each deal, and use that knowledge to segment leads so you can focus your time where it makes a difference.

Site tracking

Can you tell what people want from your website? Track site visits and create automations from them so you can offer leads exactly what they’re looking for.

Make your best-loved tools better with sales engagement automation

Use the sales software that makes sense for your business, like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. We integrate with 870+ different apps, including landing page builders like Unbounce, help desk software like Zendesk, and scheduling tools like Calendly.
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