Which deals should your sales team spend more time on?

Not every deal is going to close. Win probability tells your sales team the odds, so that you know when to nurture with automations and when to add a personal touch. 

Predict wins or losses

Sell based on the odds

Add a personal touch

Spend less to get customers

Stop wasting time and money on the longshots. Lower the cost of acquiring customers by focusing your resources on the prospects with a high win probability.

Spend less to get customers
Align sales and marketing

Don’t speculate. Close.

Whether it’s frequency of emails or number of tags, win probability tells you which actions lead to closed deals and which are unimportant.

Forecast with foresight

Get data-backed predictions on your pipeline. Know which deals will close, so you’re not surprised at the end of the month.
Forecast with foresight
Align sales and marketing

Align sales and marketing

When should you hand leads from marketing to sales? Win probability makes sure the handoff happens at the right time, so sales doesn’t have cold leads.

You’re in charge

What makes a deal more likely to close for your business? You can configure win probability to weight each factor based on what matters for your pipeline.
You’re in charge
Based on tons of data

Based on tons of data

Win probability uses hundreds of factors to give deep insights into your sales process. It’s like having our data science team work for your business.

Here’s what win probability looks like in the real world

What does win probability look like in action? Let’s take a look at how a real estate agent might use win probability to close a deal
42% Win Probability

New Lead With Multiple Social Profiles

An average new lead has a win probability of 31%, but you close social-connected clients at a higher rate. That means it’s time to send an email.

61% Win Probability

Lead Schedules Showing the Next Day

Your win probability gets a bump when a lead schedules a showing. After the showing, an automated follow-up email is on the way.
52% Win Probability

Lead Ignores Email

Your lead doesn’t open your follow-up email, dropping the win probability. Don’t squander the opportunity—make a follow-up call.
82% Win Probability

Show Three More Houses

The phone call works and your lead opts to see three more houses, boosting the Win Probability. It’s time to guide them to the finish line.
91% Win Probability

Lead Makes an Offer

The deal isn’t closed yet. But when leads make an offer, they almost always buy with you. Job well done!

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