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Hello, it's Kay Peacey here from SlickBusiness, and my business teaches other people how to use ActiveCampaign in their businesses,...

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Hello, it’s Kay Peacey here from SlickBusiness, and my business teaches other people how to use ActiveCampaign in their businesses, very meta. Now, obviously, that means I know lots of really nifty ActiveCampaign features. There is a lot of stuff that I love using an ActiveCampaign, lots of the integrations with other services, especially when you connect it with WordPress using WP fusion where you can connect a WordPress user to an ActiveCampaign contact and have WP fusion, join the dots between those two things. Lots of super stuff you can do with that. 

Favorite ActiveCampaign Feature

But I want to tell you about one of my other favorite features with ActiveCampaign, which is Saved Responses. The Saved Responses in ActiveCampaign are in the Settings area. Once you find them, you’ve got superpowers because what you can do is compose a whole load of writing, so you can write links in there, great detailed stuff, really rich content. And then, you can save it ready to use at the time of your choosing for a one-to-one email. 

When you’re ready, you can use that save response as your starting point. And you can add bits; you could add, “Hey, I just looked at your website.” It’s fantastic, where you can take bits away if they’re inappropriate. And then you can send it to that one individual person.

Here’s the best bit about saved responses. You can use them from inside ActiveCampaign from the contact screen. And you can use them with the Chrome extension in the Gmail inbox. I love that integration. And my favorite one of all of them is that you can use it on your mobile phone. If you’ve got the mobile app on your phone, you can deploy save responses anytime, anywhere you are, and what that means is you can be off down to the beach or in the harbor or anywhere you like to be and you can still use your saved responses to deliver exactly what your customers need at just that right moment. And it’s really personal, and you managed to get it done really quickly.

Superpowers, love it!

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